It’s the end of the year, Oga and Madam how far? How was business? If you say fine, can you show us?

A business needs a Profit and Loss statement to know how far, Stockfare app now has it, just in time!


Stockfare App

New year, new you! For real this time! Not only that o, I mean not just P&L, we now have E&I, kinda new? Ok, it means…

Expenses and Income, not so new now right? Because every small business just wants it broken down into expenses and income no Accounting headache, Stockfare App now has an Expense and Income feature! So you will be seeing how the cash is joggling around in the business, yep!

Stockfare App 

That’s what Expenses and Income is for, it’s not just cash we want you to see on your stockfareapp we have made it possible for users to add an image when adding procurement to inventory.

Stockfare App

StockaFareApp now allows you to add images of products when adding them to inventory!

The 3 gifts of Christmas!!!

Profit and Loss Statement
Expenses and Income
Adding Image.