Social Media Growth Series: How to Audit your Instagram Page?

Hello, Welcome to our Social Media Growth with William Etuwewe.

I am sure you really enjoyed auditing your Bio, If you haven’t seen our post on that, please make sure you do here, and hope you took the step to change your page to a professional page?

Now the main purpose of the Bio audit is to make people know what you do within seconds of coming to your page.

If you did it properly you must have achieved that goal.

But as you will agree, the purpose of this series is growth, not just in followers but in engagement and sales.

Keep these pictures in your mind as you go along, you are reading this series for all the things that growth can bring to you, because growth is exciting, growth is worth it financially and personally.

The beautiful thing is that these principles can be applied across board no matter the social media platform you choose.

But we are focusing on the big three Instagram | Facebook and | Linkedin.

And many of the tasks will be performed on Instagram, Instagram is basically our main case use.

Now let’s dive into the full-page audit.

The first thing is to write down what you want your page to look like.

Also write down pages you want your page to look like, look at thought leaders in your niche, those with a large following, find the ones you like and appeals best to you, and write them down.

The purpose of doing this is to draw inspiration, and understand what works and what doesn’t work, by looking at an already grown community.

It will also guide you on the audit, how do you know which picture to delete, you might personally like something, but it doesn’t align with the brand, so you need an anchor during this audit.

So please make sure you write down those things.

Pay attention to the engagement of your thought leaders, especially the comment section I tell you the comment section is gold!

They are the authentic feelings of people in your niche, their conversations, sentiments, their why’s and their how’s.

After this, move over to the next steps, …which is?

The Five things to audit on your page after auditing your bio.

1) Check your content quality, are the images and videos blurry? compare them with your thought leaders.

Instagram is big on high-resolution clear quality pictures and videos.

When scrolling through their feed or when scrolling through their explore page high-resolution content is the best way to steal their attention.

Delete all pictures that are too blurry, it hurts your business credibility.

2) Access the relevance of your content. Does it solve a problem, educate, or entertain your audience?

Secondly is your content balanced, your Instagram feed should be a balance of promotional and non-promotional posts.

Making use of a content calendar will put you in check to follow these rules, make sure to use a content calendar.

3) Analyze your hashtags.

If you already switched to a professional page then you can find which hashtags gave you the most engagement.

From the insight section – yes switching to a professional page gives your insight as to the engagement of every post, number of men or women, age range, hashtags pull, etc.

If you just switched to a professional page, that info becomes available from the next post after you did.

You have 30 hashtags per post; make use of at least 15.

Using oversaturated hashtags is useless, if you have less than 1000 followers, using hashtags already used tens of millions of times already, is useless delete them!

You can find hashtags density by typing #(the word) on the search bar or when making a post, the density appears real-time.

4) Go through your copy.

Conversations win! Are you speaking the language of your niche, is it a conversation that someone can join?

You need to have a brand voice, if not you are just a commodity and then price is all that matters and the lowest cost commodity is the only winner!

Discover your brand voice, how do you say what you say, the pace, rhythm, favorite expression, etc.

Edit your copy to come in the form of a conversation, and a your brand voice.

Remember what is familiar is easy to trust!

This Audit will not be complete without this part.

5) Audit your followers.

Especially now that you are yet to have millions of follows.

It shows interest for those following you, more so it helps you understand who your audience is, go to their page, understand what they put out, what appeals to them.

That way you can connect the dots on how to scale.

Now time for the task! I would really like to know what pages you are looking up to for inspiration because that will determine how well you did with your audit.

Make a comment on a recent post on a thought leader in your niche with the hashtag #SMEwithStockfare and tag us.

I will come in and see who you consider being in your niche. Remember to tag us.

Until next time …believe. 

William Etuwewe

William Etuwewe

He is a creative Digital Marketer and an SEO expert, with excellent copywriting prowess, he is known to think on his feet.

He loves to keep up-to-date with digital trends.

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