Social Media Growth Series: How to Audit your Bio on Instagram?

Hello, Welcome to our Social Media Growth with William Etuwewe.

In very simple terms I want your business to grow, I want to be your partner that believes in you for growth, so this blog post is for anyone who would dare believe that 2022 can be better for their business.

Business can be very challenging and exciting, trust me I know, but everything is worth it if you can see yourself growing, and the cheapest way to grow online today is the use of social media.

What we are going to be doing today is “a social media audit” kind of like weeding off farmlands so the crops can grow very well.

Your page is that land, and we are going to be taking off those elements that don’t serve our goal, which is business growth, and adding the ones that do.

Exciting right? If you follow through with everything here today you will have grown. Keep saying to yourself my business must grow this 2022.

And I can tell you that the difference between where you are now and where you want to be, are your decisions and your actions, making a decision to read this blog post to the end, and do all those little changes will make your business grow for sure!

Your Bio.

Your Bio is your “head description” on your social media pages – specifically Instagram, it contains your username, your name, your profile picture, description of your business, the medium through which you can be contacted, and other relevant links.

Your username.

What username are you using, does it align with your niche and your brand, can I immediately know what you are about when I see your handle?

A great username does these things, it also gives you good SEO, when people search on google for your niche.

SEO means “search engine optimization”

You have to be intentional, about what represents your bio.

Next is your name, that is the name of your business.

Here just write the exact name of your business.

Then there is your profile picture.

For a small business trying to do everything you can on your Bio to connect with people, I find that having a personal picture instead of a logo helps to connect more with people.

Studies show that small business owners are more trusted when they have their personal picture on the profile picture.

The reason you can do this is that it is a one-man business; you are positioning it as a business owned by one person.

You are not saying you are a corporation with different investors, at least that is not how you are positioning yourself.

You might find that you will have to put in your logo as your profile picture, maybe because you have multiple businesses and you would like to separate yourself from them, that is also fine too.

A lot of persons will have to use a logo instead of a personal picture for that reason, and other reasons I may not know.

If you are using your personal picture then it has to be a headshot, clear and well lited, you know profile pictures are usually really small, so putting a full body picture doesn’t serve you well.

Your description.

Here you have just 150 characters or letters.

Sell the value your brand gives, not just the benefit.

So instead of just saying I sell all kinds of perfumes and deodorants, you can say “I sell fragrance that leaves a memory on anyone you meet”

Then add some details that give clarity about your business, maybe you sell just a particular brand or only luxury perfumes, add those details.

Also add relevant links, either a Linktree link or a WhatsApp link (if you are comfortable with that) or a Sellar link.

Remember we said your page is like your land, your Bio helps you to be conveniently located, it is like a storefront.

If someone knows nothing about your business, your bio should answer basic questions.

Bonus tip

Here is a bonus tip that would be a game-changer for your business.

On Instagram you either have a personal page or a business page, go over to “settings” down there you see a “switch to a professional page,” click on it and make that switch.

This does a lot of things for you, but just to name two.

First, it makes it possible for you to promote your business, in just a few clicks, that is run ads on Instagram, it also opens up another section in your Bio known as a category.

There you just choose what category your business is.

It becomes really hard for someone to not know what you do when they visit your page.

Watch out for more series like this, till next time …believe.

William Etuwewe

William Etuwewe

He is a creative Digital Marketer and an SEO expert, with excellent copywriting prowess, he is known to think on his feet.

He loves to keep up-to-date with digital trends.

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