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StockFare provides these businesses with smarter ways of managing their inventories, sales, credits/debts and staff from their fingertips, without a need for expensive systems and complex setups.

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Stockfare app

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StockFare is a cloud-based sales and inventory management system for the regular business person in Africa

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Manage Inventory

Products can be registered using a barcode, image or written description. Whichever way that best meets a user's needs. At registration, the cost and selling price of each product is imputed for the Profit & Loss statement.


Analytics provides a user with a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual performance of their business. Features in these sections include: - Profit & loss statement - Sales history with a detailed performance of each product

Record Sales

Making a sale is as easy as clicking on displayed products, searching or scanning barcodes. Total number of goods sold are deducted automatically from existing inventory.

Transaction Alert

You will always be on the know wherever you are as you constantly receive real-time activity alerts on staff transactions, whether it's adding new product to store or making a sale

Print and Send Receipts

After a successful sale, users can generate a sales receipt which can be printed or shared across multiple channels with customers or saved for record purpose.


At a glance the user dashboard section provides a user with a simple business report that is very easy to understand and interpret. This includes; sales record, check out, income and expense.


Stockfare is a smart sales/ business analysis app that allows small and medium scale enterprises to manage their inventories, profit, loss, and expenses a lot more, to give a total business management package all on the go.

We have brought a revolution to the regular brick and mortar stores in Africa, and we are on a mission to increase technology acceptance amongst locals while offering them value.

To add products, click on the + (plus) button on the dashboard. You will be directed to add your products individually or by uploading an excel. You can scan products with barcodes and capture product pictures too.

To sell a product you can quickly scan the product barcode or click on the picture displays on your dashboard. If you are selling more than one of a product, click as many times as possible to add to cart. When this is done, click ‘Checkout’ to finish the sale.

You may choose to enter your customer details, if the customer is buying on credit you can register this and also a date of payment.

You may now complete the sale and share the receipt with your customer or print using a portable Bluetooth device.

Go to the side menu bar, you will find workers options, click on this and you will be directed to the worker’s page. Fill in details accordingly. You will choose activities that you want each worker to perform.

We offer both free and paid services on the platform. With our free service, you are entitled to add 20 categories to the platform. To have an unlimited reach of the app, you will be required to subscribe to the platform at NGN 2,500 per month. You can pay either monthly ( NGN 2500), quarterly (NGN 7500), or annually( NGN 30,000).

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Free Plan

N 0 / Per month
  • Add 20 products
  • Print and send receipt
  • Record sales

Standard Plan

N 3000 / Per month
  • Unlimited No. of product
  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Add workers
  • Assign workers task
  • Print and send receipt
  • Record sales

Business Plan

N 30000 /1yr
  • Unlimited No. of product
  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Add workers
  • Assign workers task
  • Print and send receipt
  • Record sales

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